66 Water Based Super Nail is formulated with strong initial grab which makes it ideal for installing wall paneling,
flooring, stirring boards and architraves.
66 Water Based Super Nail is a safe, environmental friendly & odorless adhesive, has no fumes and can be cleaned
up with water.
66 Water Based Super Nail can be used to eliminate the need for nails and screws in many construction, family
decoration, DIY and repair work.

Safe-Solvent free, water based
Easy clean up – use water
High bond strength and heat resistance when cured (service temperature up to 90°C)
Versatile – multiple uses
Fast initial grab
High bond strength
Reduces number of mechanical fasteners required to install floors or walls


Can be widely used for bonding particle board, plywood, fibre cement and strip flooring to joists, fibre cement sheet,
plasterboard and wall paneling to wooden and metal studs skirting boards, architraves and trims to walls replacing
loose tiles on walls(not recommended for floor tiles)
Is suitable for sixing polystyrene wall panels、timber and other porous construction materials.
Bonding most types of wood flooring, parquet, strip (solid, engineered and prefinished) & sheet timber; floor and wall
tiles; rubber and suitable resilient overlay and masonry to common flooring substrates such as concrete, pre-existing
strip flooring, particle board, plywood, and MDF, HMR (HDF), FC (Fibre Cement) sheets.


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