JOINTAPE 400 DOUBLE SIDE BUTYL TAPE with high quality butyl rubber which have excellent sealing and adhesion
JOINTAPE 400 DOUBLE SIDE BUTYL TAPE has excellent performance, is ideal for sealing internal and external
surfaces that require protection against moisture ingress, vibration and flexing.
JOINTAPE 400 DOUBLE SIDE BUTYL TAPE offers butyl tapes in different width, length, and thickness to provide easy
seaming application, and economy solution for professional construction field.

Outstanding Durability. Last up to 20 years.
Excellent Adhesion provides airtight waterproof protection.
High Elasticity provides resistance to shock, movement, and weather force
Excellent thermal stability.
Available in different width & thickness for various construction needs
Solvent free and non toxic
Low-Temperature Resistance prevents sealing tape from cracked or shrink


Uses in Steel construction, drains parts, Window&door, concrete roof, pipes, PC panel.
Substrates:Primed or dense concrete, Galvanised iron, zincalume, copper, aluminium, colorbond and most metals,
Timber, Structural sheeting, Marble, granite and ceramics, Plastics and polycarbonate, Gypsum boards and brickwork,
Glazed surfaces, etc.
Suitable to use for the fixation of car decoration and bonding of structural components inside the electronic products


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