Spray Adhesvie

JOINFIX 412 SPRAY ADHESIVE can be used to bond plastic, glass and laminates to tables, cabinets and shelving.
JOINFIX 412 SPRAY ADHESIVE has a variable volume controlled, lace spray pattern for stronger bonds and spray
control. Does not contain ozone-depleting CFCs.

Super strong stickiness, suitable for different materials.
Convenient operation, press the nozzle and can spray it easily, replace of brushing the glue.
White glue,Suitable for pasting materials that are strict for the color of the glue, such as white paper sheet, cloth.
Environmentaly-friendly product.
Contains no formaldehyde and aromatic, etc. Pass SGS test.


This product is applied in indoor decoration, computerized embroidery (such as children dress, underwear, nylon or
other cloth that is hard to paste.)
It’s suitable for paper sheet, leather, leaflet, cloth, paperboard, softwood, foam adhesive, glass fiber and polystyrene,
etc. Can apply above material to cloth, metal, wood and glass, etc. Pass SGS test.
Contains no formaldehyde and aromatic solvent.


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