100 Roof Butyl Sealant is a one-component, neutral curing sealant based on butyl rubber and synthetic rubber.
100 Roof Butyl Sealant has good features of high elasticity, weather & time resistance, low permeability.
100 Roof Butyl Sealant has excellent adhesion on metal and other materials, it is most suitable for water-proofing,
dust-proofing and hermetically sealing of containers, automobiles, buildings and various appliances.

Low cost
Outstanding durability.
Excellent gunnability.
Good adhesion and excellent elasticity to metals, woods, plastics, glass and many other engineering materials.
Use without primer
Flexible at low (–50 °C) and high (+110 °C) temperatures


JOINSIL 100 All Purpose Butyl Sealant is designed for factory sealing the seam roof and wall panels and conceal
JOINSIL 100 All Purpose Butyl Sealant’s excellent permeability resistance, so it is best choice of waterproof and
widely used on the seam of containers, automobiles and windows.
JOINSIL 100 All Purpose Butyl Sealant can also used for sealing of joints between window sash and wall sealing of
joints in zinc roofs and slate roofs.


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