CPVC Cement

303 CPVC Cement is a medium bodied clear solvent cement designed for use in joining all kinds of PVC and rigid
PVC pipes.
303 CPVC Cement exhibits excellent bond strength and water oils, petrol, salt water and most acids resistance.
303 CPVC Cement is fast drying, and safe for drinking water after complete curing.

High final bonding strength
Quick uniform drying
Easy to use
Quick positioning
Good ageing resistance,
Good low temperature Resistance


Ideal for waterproof bonding and coupling of rigid pvc, and upvc pipes, for irrigation, conduit potable water, sewer,
drain, waste and vemt systems.
It is suitable for the fixing and installation of PVC plastic pipeline, PVC Board and other polyvinyl chloride materials in
the building and decoration field.
It can be used in sticking the soft and hard PVC products,as well as bonding for pvc and leather,pvc and metal,pvc
and wood,etc.


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