Blue Thread Locker

JL 242 Blue Thread Locker is a single component, anaerobic liquid that cures when confined in the absence of air
between close fitting metal surfaces.
JL 242 Blue Thread Locker cures is a medium strength anaerobic threadlocking material, which
cures between engaged threads to form a unitized assembly that resists virtually all leakage, shock and vibration.
JL 242 Blue Thread Locker is an all-purpose, medium strength, threadlocker. Ideal for all nut and bolt applications 1/4
" to 3/4" (6 mm to 20 mm). Eliminates the need for stocking expensive locknuts and lock washers.

Reduce product assembly cost
No curing outside of joint
Ideal for all 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch diameter nut
Remove with normal tools
Can be adjusted or disassembled
Cures without cracking or shrinking
No torque compensation required during assembly


JL 242 Blue Thread Locker is a medium strength locking and sealing grade, developed for key fits,
Suitable for applications on less active substrates such as plated surfaces, where disassembly with hand tools is
required for servicing.
Used on valve cover bolts, water pump and oil pan bolts, drive shaft bolts, rocker arm adjustment nuts, carburetor
studs and axle cover screws, etc.

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