Purple Thread Locker

JL 222 Purple Thread Locker is a low strength anaerobic threadlocking material that cures between engaged threads
to form a unitized assembly that resists virtually all leakage, shock and vibration.
JL 222 Purple Thread Locker is designed for the locking and sealing of threaded fasteners which require easy
disassembly with standard hand tools.
JL 222 Purple Thread Locker is recommended for low-strength threadlocking of adjusting screws, countersunk head
screws and set screws.

Ideal for all nut and bolt fasteners under 1/4 inch.
Can be adjusted or disassembled
Removable with hand tools for easy dissasembly
Eliminates vibration issues
Thixotropic: resists dripping from threads during assembly
OEM Specified.


Particularly suitable for applications such as adjustment of set screws, small diameter or long engagement length
fasteners, where easy disassembly is required without shearing the screw.
Low strength threadlocker designed for fasteners under 1/4"(6mm) that require occasional adjustment.
Prevents loosening and leakage of threaded fasteners.


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