Windshield PU Sealant

120 Windshield PU Sealant is single part polyurethane based, high modulus sealant, which cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form elastomeric mastic.         
120 Windshield PU Sealant has excellently water-proof, high bonding strength, oil resistant, aging resistant, salt fog resistant, and can bear long time vibration.         
120 Windshield PU Sealant offers excellent adhesion on glass and metal, it is most suitable for bonding windshield in the automotive industry. 

Thixotropic ,no sag.        
Non-corrosion to substrates;        
High modulus & tensile strength        
Excellent adhesion on glass and metal surface        
Outstanding durability        
Permanently flexible        
Paint-spray able Surface 



Used for sealing for automotive windscreen, windows and scuttles       
Also suitable for sealing in automotive, caravan, ship building and railway industry.     
Suitable for sealing, seam sealing, simple bonding as well as foribration reduction and sound deadening measures in crash body repair and car body construction.         

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