Fire-resistant PU Foam

119 Fire-resistant PU Foam is a one-component, self-inflated, high extrusion capacity, multi-purpose Polyurethane
119 Fire-resistant PU Foam is very good for filling and sealing with excellent mounting capacities, high thermal and
acoustical insulation.
119 Fire-resistant PU Foam is fire resistant and blocks harmful combustion gases from spreading.

Cured foam can be cut, sanded, plastered or painted.
High Bonding strength with B2 fire Fire class in DIN4102 part 2;
Efficient seal against smoke and gas
Excellent adhesion on most substrates (except Teflon, PE and PP)
High thermal and acoustical insulation
Very good filling capacities
Can be painted after full cure


Fire resistant installation of window and door frames;
Fire and smoke retardant sealing of connections between partition walls, ceilings and floors;
Applications where fire retardant characteristics are required;


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