JOINSIL1018 Silicone Sealant general purpose silicone sealant is a low modulus, elastic joint,
one-component, cost effective, silicone sealant and formulated for trades/tradesman, domestics and
decoration usages.
JOINSIL1018 Silicone Sealant is temperature-resistant property contributes to its waterproof
and airtight characteristics even under such serious temperature condition as-40℃-+140℃.
It is weather resisting and anti-aging properties will not be degraded under the influence of rain,
snow, or longtime being illuminated by ultraviolet ray.



Easy to apply
Colorfast, UV-resistant
Available in a wide range of colors
Can be applied in any season.
Cures to a strong, flexible seal capable of withstanding movement in and around the joint.
Rapid curing
Good adhesion on many materials
Stable and flexible from -40℃ to +140℃,



JOINLEADER 1018 Silicone Sealant can be widely used in building, automotives, packaging,
business, advertisement and family decoration.
JOINLEADER 1018 Silicone Sealant may be used to glaze, seal and fill joints on windows,
skylights, signs, internal/external fixtures and fittings, doors etc.


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