High Performance Super Glue

Joinquick 502 Super Glue is a one-component, fast curing 100%CA, high performance instant glue.
Joinquick 502 Super Glue is premium super glue that is faster acting and provides a stronger, longer lasting bond on
a variety of materials such as plastic, rubber and metal, glass and fabric, leather.
Joinquick 502 Super Glue can bond almost anything to anything (except certain plastics) quickly and surely and is
ideal for domestic goods.

Solvent-free adhesive—100%CA
Bonds in seconds—therefore faster production on assembly line
Excellent bond for a variety of surfaces
Ready to use product, no mixing required
Fast setting within seconds
Small area is sufficient to get strong bond
Bonds plastic, metals and rubbers, china and dissimilar substrates


Specially formulated to achieve a strong bond between well-mated, surfaces, such as rubber, metals, plastics, glass
, etc.
Ideal for ideal for fixing precious and semi-precious stones in jeweler. Useful for repairs of domestic electrical
appliances like mixture, grinders, irons, etc.
Widely used in manufacturing of acrylic gift items, POP materials and table top display items.


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