Super Glue Gel

JOINQUIOCK 516 SUPER GLUE GEL is a fast drying, super strength adhesive designed for a wide variety of porous
and non-porous surfaces.
JOINQUIOCK 516 SUPER GLUE GEL is outstanding for wood, glass, rubber, vinyl, leather, ceramics, brick and other
surfaces, and is ideal for bonds subject to daily use and harsh conditions.
JOINQUIOCK 516 SUPER GLUE GEL's gel formula works on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces and is
ideal for vertical surfaces and small gaps.


Extra tough.
Flexible and shock resistant.
Excellent bond for a variety of surfaces
Ready to use product, no mixing required
Non-drip formula.
Rubber toughened formula
Gap filling capability.


Specially formulated to achieve a strong bond between well-mated, surfaces, such as rubber, metals, plastics, glass
, etc.
Repairing figurines, costume jewelry, cameras, toys, metal car parts, wiper blades, rubber seals and O-rings.
Ideal for vertical surfaces and for applications requiring flexibility


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