Epoxy Steel

JOINTITE 520 Epoxy Steel is used as a two component epoxy adhesive designed for a variety of bonding applications.
JOINTITE 520 Epoxy Steel has excellent vibration resistance, shock resistance. No flow, more convenient, as far as
the sticky surface of the smooth and no excessive demands
JOINTITE 520 Epoxy Steel can be used for trucks, buses, car hood, baggage door, grille, roof, cab, bumper, around
the circumference, dome, both inside and outside the body skin and skeleton and body of the bond and assembly;
can also be used daily maintenance of a variety of bonding.

Curing layer toughness, not easy to break and anti-aging, anti-oil.
The surface does not require strict adhesion degreasing, bonding more convenient.
Outstanding adhesion
Ready to use
Fast setting within minutes
Have excellent vibration resistance, shock resistance
Bonds to most substrates


Can be widely used in metal, ceramic, plastic, wood adhesive and stick each other.
Widely used in automobile, motorcycle plastic panels, fuel tanks, bumpers, mirrors, and industrial oil tanks,
transformers, radiators, lamps, electrical appliances such as bonding shell manufacturing and maintenance
Can be used for elevator, electrical and other industrial products adhesion assembly.


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