4-Mins Epoxy Clear

JOINTITE 510 Epoxy Adhesive is a two-part, high polymer which solidifies very hard once fully
cured in dual in tubes and ideal for complex, multi-piece assemblies.
It is used in the bonding of hard materials such as Metal, Ceramics, Stone Material, Concrete, and
hard plastic material.
JOINTITE 510 Epoxy Adhesive is water and solvent resistant, and will not shrink or deform, it also
can withstand very high tensile pulling strength after it has fully cured.


Fast bonding and restoring of most materials such as glass, fiberglass, cork, wood, ceramics,
metals, plastics (except plastics such as PP, PE, Teflon© etc…), stone, marble, concrete...
Good resistance against chemical solvent and ultra violet (UV) rays.
Cured adhesive can be sandpapered, polished, drilled, machined and coated.
Can withstand high tensile pulling strength
Sustain very high temperature with excellent bonding strength
Don’t shrink
Easy application
Low odor
Impact resistant
Water resistant


JOINTITE 510 Epoxy Adhesive can be used to bond, repair, and patch most articles except nylon,
silicone, fluorine, resin, soft PVC, rubber, polyethylene and polypropylene.
JOINTITE 510 Epoxy Adhesive is idea for repairing electrical appliances, ceramic tiles, wooden,
metallic, and concrete and glass articles.
JOINTITE 510 Epoxy Adhesive can be used for household and DIY applications to bond crystal,
glass, jewelry.


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