Epoxy Putty

JOINTITE 550 Epoxy Putty is a white+green color epoxy compound with an easy 1:1 “cut-what-you-need” mix ratio. It
can be handled simply by hands and is as hard as steel after hardening with 100% waterproofness and supreme
adhesion and hardness.
JOINTITE 550 Epoxy Putty is recommended for use in repairing, bonding, sealing or filling will not shrink or sag, and
can be sanded, drilled, tapped, screwed, stained, painted, sawed and carved.
Due to its repairing, adhesive, waterproof and shaping functions, the product is widely used in decorating,
waterproofing, repairing projects. It is worthy of the name 'multi-functional repairing agent'.

Will not shrink
Water/Fire resistant
High temperature resistant
Easy to use-just mix equal amounts of Parts A and B and use.
No clamping needed
Impact resistant
Bonds to most substrates


Waterproofing, obturating and repairing cracks in buildings;Repair, obturate and fasten pipes (water, oil, gas pipes)
and containers (oil, water and plating tanks);
Install, fasten and repair sanitary wares and kitchen equipments; Fasten and repair furniture, ceramic, wood, plastic,
metal, stone, etc.
Fix, connect, seal, insulate workpiece, pipeline and cable line; Waterproofness, obturation and anti-corrosion for
watercraft and underwater equipment;Other objects that need adhering, repairing or filling.


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